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Level 6- Living the Fruitful Life Curriculum

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Ages 11-15- Learn to apply the Fruit of the Spirit to your life!

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  • Love-Joy-Peace-Long-Suffering-Gentleness-Goodness-Faith-Meekness-Temperance

    These, Scripture says, are the fruit of the Spirit. What earnest young Christian doesn't desire to grow in these critical traits of Christ-likeness? In this self-guided study, your student will encounter the truth of Scripture in a practical, hands-on approach. Emphasis is not only on understanding, but applying the fruits of the Spirit to everyday life. 

    This study deals specifically with the nine qualities called the Fruits of the Spirit. If we have asked Jesus in our hearts, his Holy Spirit lives in us and guides us in all truth. As students work through this study, it is our hope that God will show them how they can use what they learn to honor Jesus in their life. In this study, I also explain to students how I used a concordance to write the questions I'm having them look up and how to find out what the words used actually mean. The reason I explained all this to them is so that in the future, they can learn to study any subject the wish to draw insights from God's Word for life's situations they will face. Our real purpose on earth is to bring glory to God. The insights they draw from this study will help them to do just that..

    Included are 80 Fruit of the Spirit Flashcards for memorization and application to daily life. As the student works through the Bible study during the year, they will learn the verses that correspond to the fruit of the spirit they are studying. They can move at their own rate through the pack of cards, reviewing previously learned verses to make them a part of their life and experience.

     NEW!! We are giving you 2 sets of these flashcards as some people prefer a different version than KJV. Both sets are digtial. You can print and laminate if you wish. One set has the verses in KJV on the back side. The other set is identical on front side providing the reference. On the back side you can write the reference in the version you choose for your child to memorize in. When you purchase the curriculum you will be sent a link to access the digital flashcards. 

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    As a mom, I had a difficult situation with another person that wasn't going well. As I was working through Living the Fruitful Life study, the section on love, I was struck by verses that shed light on my situation. I began applying what I was learning to my struggle and things began improving immediately. Thanks for writing these studies! Looking forward to the next one on the use of our words.  ~ Gayle from IL

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    Level 6- Living the Fruitful Life Curriculum

    Level 6- Living the Fruitful Life Curriculum

    Ages 11-15- Learn to apply the Fruit of the Spirit to your life!

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    Ages 11-15- Learn to apply the Fruit of the Spirit to your life!

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