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Level 3- Kids of Character Curriculum

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Level 3 -For Approximate Ages 7-10

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  • Kids of Character Curriculum can be done with multi-level ages. Your children will study 45 crucial character qualities, gleaning insights from Scripture as well as practical projects for implementing them in everyday life, and inspiration from real people from history who have left us inspiring examples to follow!  Include in the curriculum are:

      Kids of Character Bible Study - This is a practical study for children of the 45 character qualites I taught my children, learning what God`s Word has to say about each one and how to apply it to their lives. An added feature contained in this study is "Ifs", a game we often played to help children learn to make wise decisions before they are even placed in a position of temptation. Our grown kids have testified this helped them many times to choose the right thing from having played a game which prepared them for choosing to do right based on insights gained from God`s Word.  If you do this study with multiple children, you may want to get addtional study books for each to have their own to write in.

     Portraits of Integrity One of the most powerful ways to inspire people to greatness is through the stories of great people from the past.  In Portraits of Integrity you and your children will be challenged to strive for excellence through the examples of 45 people who did just that.  They will meet:
    --Jake DeShazer who was a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II.  He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for many months, but when a Bible came into his hands he became a Christian and later went to Japan to share the gospel with his former enemies.
    --Nate Saint, the missionary pilot who, with Jim Elliott and three other men sacrificed his life to bring the gospel to the Auca Indians of South America.
    --Booker T. Washington, the former slave boy who rose to become the leader of his people and built a college from nothing to give ex-slaves and their children a chance to elevate themselves as he had.
    --and forty-two more inspirational heroes of history, one for each of the 45 character qualities! This book can be read during the "school day" or at night as a family to reinforce what they are learning in their studies during the day. Comprehension questions are provided and stories will be enjoyed by children and adults!
      Kids of Character Flashcards- In response to your request, here is a set of flashcards derived from Marilyn`s handout, Character Qualities for Kids. This set includes 45 character qualities for your child to learn. A "kid-friendly"  definition is provided as a child has no basis for learning honesty or sensitivity if they don`t know what it means. Also provided is a Scripture verse for each, as it is ultimately God`s Word that changes our lives and our behavior. Instructions for use are provided as well. Recommended for children ages 7-10, although often we learn as an entire family!   NEW!! We are giving you 2 sets of these flashcards as some people prefer a different version than KJV. Both sets are digtial. You can print and laminate if you wish. One set has the verses in KJV on the back side. The other set is identical on front side providing the reference. On the back side you can write the reference in the version you choose for your child to memorize in. When you purchase the curriculum you will be sent a link to access the digital flashcards. 


    "Making good choices at home and in life begins with good character. This family resource takes a positive approach to character that makes godly behavior easy for even the youngest children to recognize and emulate. Parents will be pleased to discover it goes beyond obedience and cheerfulness, covering important traits like dependability, flexibility and persuasiveness. This easy-to-use curriculum is a great way to begin building godly character traits and encouraging Christlike behavior in your family."
    ~ David Webb | Author and Executive Editor Apologia Educational Ministries, Co-Author of the What We Believe series

    When I read about your "Kids of Character" Bible study, I knew it would be a great one. We have just started it this week in our new school year and I have to share what happened:

    We started out by talking about character and the importance of having good character. My son said that having character meant, "when you fall down, you don't cry and complain, but you be brave." My daughter said it meant "helping someone if you see they need help." We just finished up talking about the definition of character and were getting ready to begin talking about obedience when my newly potty trained two-year old said from the kitchen: "Mommy, I go potty!" I got up and found her standing in a puddle. My first instinct was to cry out, "Oh no, Anna! Why didn't you tell me you had to go??!! Etc., etc." But instead, I thought of the discussion I just had with my other children. So I calmly told her to please tell me before she has an accident, got her cleaned up and then cleaned up the kitchen. When I returned to the living room to resume our study, I explained to my other kids how I wanted to get upset with their little sister, but instead, through God's grace, I was able to "show my character" and deal with her accident in a Godly way.

    "I had to chuckle to myself about how that teachable moment sprung up at just the right time. Thank you for a great study that's meant for my children, but is going to be a great one for ME as well!"
    ~ Becky Bossler

    "I recommend this book. Each section has a word of focus such as attentiveness, kindness etc. and then supported by scripture. Then, there are questions for discussion. I originally bought for a family study, mom, dad, 8 and 12 year old boys. While this is great for the 8 year is too young for the 12 year old. Would recommend for elementary aged children."
    ~ Michael Mosimen

    "Is exactly what I was looking to teach my kids.. How they can have the character of Jesus. I love it."
    ~ Liliana

    "A straight-forward, biblical-based character study workbook. I had been searching for a study for my 3rd grader to do on developing character... that didn't require me to do a lot of extra work. This one fits the bill! One page of Bible study, followed by a "what if..." application section. I will probably have my Kindergartener participate with oral responses."

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    Level 3- Kids of Character Curriculum

    Level 3- Kids of Character Curriculum

    Level 3 -For Approximate Ages 7-10

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    Level 3 -For Approximate Ages 7-10

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