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Proverbs People, Book 2


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Learn to apply Scripture to your everyday life.

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  • After attempting to find a Bible curriculum that taught my kids how to apply Scripture to their lives to change the way they lived, and not finding anything like that, I wrote my own. Proverbs is the most practical book in the Bible. I started there and looked up the types of people mentioned in the book. I devised short answer questions so my children could go to the Scriptures and find out God's wisdom and how to deal with people. Proverbs People Book 1 and Book 2 are the result and we used them with ALL of our 14 children.

    Teaches the following character traits:

    “Virtuous Woman vs. Contentious Woman”

    “Proud vs. Humble”
    “Fearful vs. Trusting"
    “Angry Man vs. Patient Man”
    “Content vs. Covetous”
    “Cruel vs. Merciful”
    “Flatterer vs. Honest” 

    Includes short-answer questions, example stories, fun quizzes, application questions, and coloring pages. It’s just like Proverbs People Volume 1, but with different types of people represented in the Book of Proverbs !

  • Height 120
    Width 84
    Age 6-12
    Type Book
    Emphasis Bible Doctrine or Bible Study, Character, Curriculum, Family Devotions, Proverbs
    Author Rick and Marilyn Boyer
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    Proverbs People, Book 2

    Proverbs People, Book 2

    Learn to apply Scripture to your everyday life.

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    For Ages 7-12

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    Proverbs People, Book 2
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    Learn to apply Scripture to your everyday life.

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     Practical character curriculum we wrote for use with our own children