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Uncle Rick's Digital Adventure and Historical Fiction Mega Bundle

The best of historical fiction and adventure all rolled into one!

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  • Historical fiction used to be written to teach history and that's just what it does in an engaging, entertaining way. We've bundled together some of our finest historical fiction and adventure audios to make it more affordable for you! These digital audio books bought separately would cost $364

    Here you have over 100  hours of listening pleasure. 

    Included are:

    Frank Webster Collection- 5 

     Calling all little adventure lovers! It’s story time with Uncle Rick!

    Pony Express riders, steamships, and airplanes — technologies change, but the courage and character men require to succeed remains the same. Help your children learn this important lesson the fun way with “Uncle Rick” Boyer. Your young ones will listen spellbound as they meet young men of daring and resolve who aren’t afraid of a few bandits, crooked city slickers, or hostile Indians. Packed with important Christian themes such as good triumphing over evil, the strong protecting the weak, hard work, and perseverance, these exciting audio adventures are sure to be a hit in your family.

    Get ready to gallop the plains, steam the lakes, and fly the skies with Uncle Rick!

    Includes: Airship Andy, Cowboy Dave, Jack of the Pony Express, The Boy from the Ranch, and Boy Pilot of the Lakes

    Boys of Liberty Collection1-

    Learn the inspiring story of America’s birth in the most exciting way—through great stories!

      In this collection of five great novels for young people, the early days of the War of Independence come vividly to life. Follow Paul Revere as he steals through dark streets of Boston, collecting and communicating information about the British, then galloping through the Middlesex farms and villages calling the patriots to wake up and prepare for battle!  Share the tense days and weeks of the siege of Boston.
      March with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys through some of the roughest conflicts of the early war.  Thrill again to the peril and excitement of the Battle of Long Island!

    Collection includes: Paul Revere and the Boys of Liberty, Fooling the Enemy- A Story of the Siege of Boston, The First Shot for Liberty or the Minutemen of Massachusetts, Into the Jaws of Death or the Battle of Long Island, and The Hero of Ticonderoga or Ethan Allen and His Green Mountain Boys.

      All this and more await the young patriot who is fortunate enough to lay his hands on Collection 1 of the Boys of Liberty Library

      Approx. 17 hours of listening time!!

    Boys of Liberty Collection 2-

      Cannons boom, bugles sound their rousing calls and clouds of powder smoke fill the air once again as the story of America's War for Independence continues. This second set in the exciting Boys of Liberty Library carries on the saga of freedom through the eyes of those who lived through those perilous days. Enjoy listening as Uncle Rick brings alive the thrilling accounts of heroes, generals, spies, patriots and cutthroats. You will love these inspiring stories of the birth of America-right down to the last musket shot!

    Included in this collection are:

      Captain of the Minutemen (or the Concord Boys of 1775), On to Quebec (or With Montgomery in Canada), The Kings Messenger (or the Fall of Ticonderoga), In Buff and Blue (or Serving Under Old Put), and The Tory Plot (or Saving Washington's Life)

    Boys of Liberty Collection 3-

    • Step back in time as you experience the War of 1812 with: Excitement! Adventure! Heroes!

      The White House has been burned! Fort McHenry is under attack!  Such were the agitated reports that echoed through the streets during the War of 1812. In this  new set of Uncle Rick audio books, America's second war against British tyranny comes boldly to life! Thrill to the exciting stories of great sea battles in which mighty ships trade broadsides and boarding parties. Stand firm with Stephen Decatur and David Farragut as they fight the largest navy on earth with their infant navy-tiny, but full of courage and daring. Once again a dynamic chapter in the history of America is brought to life by Uncle Rick!  Approx. 11 hours listening time. Appropriate for ages 8 through adult

      Included in this set are three audio books: The Cruise of the Lively Bee by John de Morgan, The Cruise of the Essex by Frank Sheridan, and From MIdshipman to Commodore by Frank Sheridan.

    Dave Dawson World War II Collection-

    Meet Dave Dawson, the young American pilot who throws his hat into the ring to help save England from destruction in the early days of World War II.  Along with his faithful friend, Freddy Farmer, Dave blazes through the skies of western Europe hunting and being hunted by the deadly air warriors of the Third Reich.  There is little rest but plenty of spine-tingling adventure for two young fighter pilots who dare to take on the pride of Hitler’s air force.
    Set includes Dave Dawson of the RAF, Dave Dawson at Dunkirk, and  Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol

    Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal-

    • Dave Dawson embarks on a new adventure when he is sent to Guadacanal Island in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Holding the strategic island is a key to protecting Australia and defeating the Japanese. Join Dave and his brave friends as they battle agile Zero fighters, Nazi u-boats and the Imperial Japanese Navy! Will the U.S. Navy, Marines, and Army hold Guadalcanal against determined Japanese opposition? Join Dave in this exciting adventure!

    Dave Dawson on the Russian Front-Dave and his pal, Freddy once again take to the skies to battle Hitler’s trained killers. This time, their adventures take them on a top secret mission into Russia to rendezvous with a mysterious British operative known only as Mr. Jones.  Along the way their adventure threatens to turn into disaster as they encounter a traitor in the ranks, Nazi spies and a beautiful Russian girl who is actually a secret agent for the Kremlin.  Here’s an electrifying World War II yarn that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the riveting final climax

    Steadfast at Valley Forge-Young Nicholas is a faithful subject of King George. After all, his father had been an exemplary officer in His Majesty’s army during the French and Indian War.  But after seeing the outrages committed against his fellow Pennsylvania farmers by the British soldiers and their Hessian hirelings, Nick feels his loyalty weakening.  The courage of the Patriot soldiers suffering through the desperate winter at Valley Forge inspire him.  Why do they endure so much when their hopes of liberty seem so unlikely to succeed? You’ll feel as if you’re right there with Nick as he fights his battle with his conscience—and with the mysterious night rider known as the Black Huntsman.

    Under Greene's Banner-

    • They called him “the Fighting Quaker.”  Nathanael Greene was a New England farm boy who didn’t fit the mold into which he was born.  During the Revolutionary War, he was the general in command of the southern branch of Washington’s army. Always outnumbered and under-supplied, Greene combined the guerilla band of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox with the sharp shooting troops of Dan Morgan to foil the Redcoats and the Tories in battle after battle. 

      Now, through the eyes of two young patriot lads who served under Greene, the War of Independence rages once again. There was always plenty of adventure and of danger too, for those who fought “Under Greene’s Banner.”

    Tom Slade on a Transport-Tom Slade, former hoodlum and later Boy Scout, is eager to turn 18 and fight in World War I. Working on a troop transport to get to Europe and close to the fighting, he is blown off the ship by a torpedo and picked up by an enemy submarine. Now a prisoner of war, Tom is determined to escape and join the American army. Will he make it? Or will the attempt cost him his life?

    Tom Slade with the Colors-The World War is raging in Europe and young Tom Slade is desperate to become a soldier and fight "with the colors."  But at seventeen, he's still too young to enlist. What can he do to help?  More than he ever dreamed: He starts with convincing a draft dodger to turn back and join the army. Then he gets a job on a transport ship where dark plans are afoot.  A German spy has planted a bomb and the clock is ticking. Will the ship go down and hundreds die in the cold Atlantic? Or will Tom's determined sleuthing stop the threat in time?


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    Uncle Rick's Digital Adventure and Historical Fiction Mega Bundle

    Uncle Rick's Digital Adventure and Historical Fiction Mega Bundle

    The best of historical fiction and adventure all rolled into one!