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Uncle Rick Reads Three Christian Generals CD's

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Civil War General Trilogy

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    • Boys and girls alike have always thrilled to stories of high adventure.  The lives of courageous and noble people, their sterling character forged in the furnace of danger, difficulty and conflict are an age-old antidote to carelessness and irresponsibility in youth.  This three-volume set of Uncle Rick recordings highlights the lives of three of America’s most noble sons, Confederate generals Lee, Jackson and Stuart.

      These three men were all serving the United States as soldiers when the nation broke apart in bloody Civil War in 1861.  Though all of them were saddened to see their country being torn in two, they felt that their ultimate duty was to their families and their home state of Virginia.  When Virginia seceded from the United States, Lee, Jackson and Stuart felt they had no choice but to resign from the army and enlist in that of the Confederacy.

      Their military careers became the stuff of legend.  Time after time, outnumbered by the enemy and undersupplied with the materials of war, these brave men triumphed over the obstacles and led their troops to victory.  They shared among them a strong faith in God that kept them faithful  and firm at all times and against all odds.  Jackson and Stuart gave up their lives before the war ended.  Lee, as dignified and modest in defeat as he had been in victory, dedicated the remainder of his years to helping rebuild a shattered South and train its future leaders at Washington (now Washington and Lee) College.

      Through this trilogy of biographies about three of the finest Christian men in American history, your children will be challenged and encouraged to strive for great character in their own lives.  At the same time, they will thrill to time-honored stories of adventure, sacrifice and danger as the get a close-up view of the tragic episode in American history known as the Civil War.

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    Uncle Rick Reads Three Christian Generals CD's

    Uncle Rick Reads Three Christian Generals CD's

    Civil War General Trilogy