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Protect Your Freedom Bundle

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Guard your family against all the misinformation that is so prevalent in our nation today. 

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  • We have put together this package for families to have the tools to teach the truth about the foundations our country was built upon. We are in danger of losing our freedoms. People are destroying statues, misinformation is widespread that vilifies the Biblical principles that helped to shape the foundations America was built upon. More than ever, your family needs to be armed with truth. It's available. Our founders were prolific writers. We don't have to guess. Freedom is fragile and it's disappearing so quickly. We need to be vigilant and informed. 

    This bundle contains the following:

    For You They Signed: The Spiritual Heritage of Those Who Shaped Our Nation- learn the stories, sacrifices, and beliefs about Jesus Christ of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

    The Fight for Freedom: True Stories of America's War for Independence- contains engaging stories of 34 men and women who played crucial roles in our fight for independence. Told in story form as it's the best way for memory retention.

    America's Struggle to Become a Nation: Understanding the Foundations of Freedom- 34 chapters tell the story of the major events surrounding this struggle, giving proper attention to God's providence throughout the period. A chapter is included explaining the Constitution as well. 

    Profiles of Valor: Character Studies from the War of Independence- tells the incredible stories of 40 men and women, (many you may never have heard of) who were instrumental in helping to obtain the freedoms we enjoy today. 

    These books can be read as a family or by individual students. Study guides are available if you want to use as part of a curriculum.


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    Protect Your Freedom Bundle

    Protect Your Freedom Bundle

    Guard your family against all the misinformation that is so prevalent in our nation today.