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Uncle Rick's Holiday Book Digital Version

Teach your family the real meaning of our Christian and patriotic celebrations. Hardcover, 56 color pages

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  • For the last few decades, Americans have been losing their understanding of our history and heritage. One of the symptoms of this problem is the fact that we no longer realize the signifigance of our national holidays. When Uncle Rick was a boy in school, everybody knew that Thanksgiving was a time of giving thanks to God, as the Pilgrims did in colonial days. Everybody visited the cemeteries on Memorial Day, honoring those who died in war to keep us free and remembering their departed loved ones.

    But most schools don't teach the truth about our holidays any more, so parents must be sure their children learn at home. Now, Uncle Rick has written his Holiday Book for parents and kids to read together. He hopes you enjoy it as your family rediscovers our Christian and patriotic heritage.

    Holidays Include:

    • George Washington's Birthday
    • Easter- Resurrection of Jesus
    • Memorial Day
    • Flag Day
    • Independence Day
    • Star Spangled Banner (remembering the day it was written and the events that inspired it)
    • Columbus Day
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Chrismas
    We've also included many ideas for celebrating these special days in a meaningful way- like family traditions, fun projects, or ways to be a blessing to others. 
    Each story is approximately 4 pages long- making it a great length to read out loud with your family as each holiday comes around. 
    Many beautiful, full-color illustrations!
    Book is Hardcover. 56 pages
    • What our customers say:
    • As a child, I remember my parents reading me the Christmas story from a special book every year!  While this Christmas book simply quoted the Scripture, there was just something extra special about my mom pulling out that book and reading it to us.  I had been looking for a book like that for years so I could carry on that tradition with my family.  However, I've turned up empty-handed until I ran across "Uncle Rick's Holiday Book"!

    Uncle Rick's Holiday Book is a "coffee-table"-worthy book!  It lays out the history and significance of ten different holidays as well as includes a section sharing holiday-themed ideas, recipes and additional resources.  The pages are colorful and captivating especially for younger children.  I'm sure my child will remember the photographs on these pages when he is an adult as much as I remember the pages from that special book that my mom read to me! 

    Uncle Rick removes all the holiday consumerism and shares the facts and intent surrounding each holiday while giving great honor to God and the Christian principles that our Nation was founded on.  

    We have this book on display in our home and I've enjoyed watching guests of all ages nonchalantly pick up this book and end up engrossed in one of the holiday stories!  They usually light up with excitement because they learned something new or close the book with appreciation for the author as he preserves the truth of these holidays.  

    We can't wait to purchase more of these books to give away as gifts!
    ~ Amy


                Rick and Marilyn Boyer have collected a needed narrative for our children and grandchildren in a day when history has been rewritten to serve politics and popular culture.  Our nation's lust for entertainment and pleasure has gutted our patriotic and memorial celebrations of their historic significance.   We must brilliantly and unapologetically resurrect for our families the profound price of their freedoms, remembered in our civic holidays.  

                Even more sadly, Christmas and Easter are irrelevant as religious celebrations in our secular culture.  We must herald the beauty and eternal value of the Incarnation, and the life, death and resurrection of Christ in God's redemptive plan.  While these are themes to celebrate throughout the year, it is a joy and privilege to take time from our regular schedules to celebrate the most significant interventions of the King of Heaven into a broken and fallen world.  "Uncle Rick's Holiday Book" does just that! ~Mrs. Margy Tripp of Shepherding the Heart Ministries, pastor's wife, author, conference speaker, educator


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    Uncle Rick's Holiday Book Digital Version

    Uncle Rick's Holiday Book Digital Version

    Teach your family the real meaning of our Christian and patriotic celebrations. Hardcover, 56 color pages