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  • Author Tim Boyer, son of home school pioneers, Rick and Marilyn Boyer, describes his all-American and simple upbringing, and insights from growing up in a large, homeschooling family, and how he believes it prepared him to stand alone, when necessary, in one of the toughest venues in which to remain principled and virtuous-the political realm.

    He reveals the benefit of parental protection and authority, and the necessity of being Christ-like in an evil world systemPrepared for Action is a blueprint for how home educators can take a stand for Christ in the political arena. It combines a practical and simple approach to political activity by providing a model for reforming political parties for the purpose of effecting godly governing principles in the spirit of America`s Christian Founders.

    Its model has been quite effective in Virginia, and Tim seeks to provide home educators all over the nation with the encouragement and information to undertake similar efforts wherever God has put them.


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    Prepared for Action e-book

    Prepared for Action e-book

    You can make a difference!