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America's Struggle to Become a Nation Student E-book

Provide your 4th grader a thorough understanding of the foundations of American independence and government! New student text by Rick and Marilyn Boyer. Can be used for 4- 6th graders. 

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  • Many committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to build the foundations of freedom we have inherited. It is essential for students to understand this crucial period in our nation’s history so they can fulfill their duty today, understand how our government is structured, and help preserve our freedom for future generations. In this full-color book filled with illustrations and images, students will:

    • Learn about the War of Independence through the Constitution in this chronological, 34-week daily study
    • Explore the lives of those who dared to oppose the most powerful military on earth with the most powerful words and principles put to paper
    • Discover in-depth character comments, explanations of providential occurrences, founder’s quotes, poetry from the time period, and more!

    Now more than ever, it is essential for young Americans to grow up with an understanding of what freedom means, what it cost our forefathers to win their liberty, and the power and rights preserved for every American citizen. American history is so much more than lists of names, dates, and events. It is a colorful panorama of nonstop adventure, set against a backdrop woven out of real events that happened to real people. It is the story of those people with all their hopes, fears, joys, convictions, struggles, and triumphs that makes the history of our country such a delight and inspiration for children to learn.

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    As a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a veteran of Vietnam, I have the greatest respect and love for our Country. Unfortunately, our children are not being taught the history of our nation in most of our public and private schools.

    America’s Struggle to Become a Nation and The Fight for Freedom written by Rick and Marilyn Boyer together with student worksheets and biographical reference materials are an outstanding and invaluable information resource for teaching the formation and development of the United States of America. 

    Rick and Marilyn have done a remarkable job of documenting the struggles and sacrifices of brave men and women who, “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,” risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to build this land we love. 

    Every American would benefit by reading these marvelous works designed to preserve our heritage as a nation.

    Chief Justice Roy Moore



    America’s Struggle to Become a Nation Review by Renita Bentz

    America’s Struggle to Become a Nation with The Timeline of the Revolution (Teacher Guide) is a comprehensive study of the history of America’s struggle to become a free nation for your 4th-6th grade students. This 36 week course is broken down into easy to manage lessons that include; reading, vocabulary, worksheets, quarterly quizzes and activities. You can choose either a five-day or four-day plan.

    The Teacher Guide is filled with everything you need. The worksheets and pages are perforated and three-hole punched so that you can tear them out for easy use. Suggested daily schedules include space to record student scores and completion dates. History reading selections are clearly outlined on the top of each lesson and come from the full color text – America’s Struggle to Become a Nation.

    The Teacher Guide includes Patriotic Song Lyrics (and the stories behind the song) as well as a full timeline of events leading to the Revolution. Answer keys for worksheet and quizzes are right there for easy reference. Additional recommended resources are listed for further investigation.

    The main text is a 384 page, softcover book. The 34 chapters are divided into three reading sections each, and is considered a full school year history course. One unique feature of this program is the recommended audio selections available at UncleRickAudios.com.  Uncle Rick is a storyteller, and his audios are recordings of books about America’s Godly heritage. You can use these to bring the stories to life, and to take the learning with you on the go. 

    A key learning component is the Student Journal. This is a place for your student to write in after they read each chapter. They pretend they are a child living at the time of the Revolutionary War and “journal” what they have just read about from that perspective.  The worksheet pages offer Journal Entry suggestions for each chapter.

    Additional hands-on projects and activities are included for each chapter as well. From making your own flour fort (with M & M’s!) to memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution – these activities are designed to bring history to life for your student.

    We have been enjoying this course tremendously.  My elementary students are easily able to read and complete the daily assignments independently, but this is too good not to join them! Woven throughout is the focus on America’s Christian heritage.  Sidebars introduce great Americans and interesting facts. Scripture is quoted throughout. This is a beautiful telling of our country’s history and heritage. We have enjoyed the art and illustrations along with our reading. Some of our favorite chapters featured short introductions to each of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the signers of the Constitution, what inspiring men they were!

    The Appendix includes four primary documents of our nation; The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, Washington’s Inaugural Address of 1789 and George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796.

    This is a rich study to share together as a family.


    —Product review by Renita Bentz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2016


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    America's Struggle to Become a Nation Student E-book

    America's Struggle to Become a Nation Student E-book

    Provide your 4th grader a thorough understanding of the foundations of American independence and government! New student text by Rick and Marilyn Boyer. Can be used for 4- 6th graders.