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G A Henty Collection of 6 titles

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Collection of 6 titles- paperback- Super discount! For ages 12 and up. Quantities limited! 

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  • G.A. Henty (1832-1902) was a master storyteller and has long been regarded for his historical accuracy. Henty's stories weave brave fictional heroes into thrilling events from history—tales spanning ancient history through the nineteenth century. Perfect for readers ages 12 and up, each story opens a window into the past. Normally each volume sells for $18.95. For ages 12 and up. Our son Tuck LOVED this series.Great way to learn world history.

    Set includes:

    The Dash for Khartoum relates the story of Lord Wolseley’s expedition to rescue General Gordon from the besieged city of Khartoum, an event that occurred during Henty’s lifetime. Rupert and Edgar Clinton, two young boys who have been raised as brothers by Captain Clinton and his wife, accompany the expedition and encounter the hardships of the desert and the dangers of battle. Edgar is lost on a night march, and when the troops are withdrawn after the tragedy at Khartoum, Rupert Clinton dons a disguise and sets out in search of him in the deserts of Africa.

    Date: 1885
    Location: Africa, Sudan
    Subject: Rescue of General Gordon

    By England’s Aid
    Or, The Freeing of the Netherlands
    Description: The story By England’s Aid continues the account of the Dutch struggle for Independence first presented in By Pike and Dyke. Two English lads, brothers, experience the major conflicts in the struggle meeting one of the greatest generals of the time, Sir Francis Vere. Their adventures include the Spanish Armada, the battle of Cadiz, life in Holland and Spain, the Battle of Ostend and more.
    Mr. Henty’s legendary storytelling once again captivates and captures the reader’s imagination while educating his readers.
    Date: 1588
    Location: Europe, Holland
    Main Event: Dutch Struggle for Independence / Spanish Armada

    For Name and Fame
    William Gale, so named by the guardians of the workhouse where he was left as a small child, knows nothing of his origins. Apprenticed at fifteen to the owner of a fishing smack, he survives shipwrecks and attacks by Malay pirates, finally reaching Calcutta, where he joins up with a British regiment that is on its way to Afghanistan. His resourcefulness and bravery under fire enable him to survive capture and imprisonment, ambush and attack. He is recommended for the Victoria Cross as a result of his heroics in defense of a convoy of wounded, and he gains an unexpected boon as a result of his rescue of Colonel Ripon from an assault by three Afghans in the streets of Candahar.
    Date: 1879
    Main Event: The Second Afghan War

    In the Reign of Terror
    The Adventures of a Westminster Boy
    Description: Harry Sandwith comes to live at the chateau of a French marquis, and after various adventures accompanies the family to Paris at the crisis of the Revolution. Imprisonment and death reduce their number, and the hero finds himself beset by perils with the three young daughters of the house in his charge. After hairbreadth escapes they reach Nantes, where the girls are captured and condemned to death in the coffin ships, but are saved by the unfailing courage of their boy-protector.
    Date: 1793
    Location: Europe, France
    Main Event: French Revolution

    A Tale of Venice in the 14th Century 
    Description: A story of Venice at a period when her strength and splendor were put to the severest tests. The hero displays a fine sense and manliness, which carry him safely through an atmosphere of intrigue, crime, and bloodshed. 
    Date: 1380
    Location: Europe, Italy
    Main Event: War of Venice and Genoa

    With Moore at Corunna
    A Tale of the Peninsular War
    In With Moore at Corunna we meet the quick-witted and daring young Terence O’Connor at the beginning of his military career, when he is sent to Portugal with the Mayo Fusiliers. His quick-thinking saves the Sea-horse from capture by French privateers, protects a shipment of gold that is on its way to a Spanish general, and effects the rescue of his cousin Mary from a nunnery. Taking command of several thousand Portuguese ordenaças, he soon turns them into a body of stalwart soldiers who engage in many successful skirmishing and rear-guard actions in the war against the French. The further adventures of Terence are continued in Under Wellington’s Command.
    Date: 1808

    Location: Portugal, Spain
    Subject: The Peninsular War


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    G A Henty Collection of 6 titles

    G A Henty Collection of 6 titles

    Collection of 6 titles- paperback- Super discount! For ages 12 and up. Quantities limited!