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Level 2- Character Trails E-book

Prepare to be amazed at how much fun great character can be! Approximate ages 6-9

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  • This exciting kids` character book by Marilyn Boyer is the newest addition to our Character Concepts curriculum. Sure to be a hit with both moms and children, Character Trails teaches the essential character qualities of attentiveness, boldness, decisiveness, joyfulness, flexibility, availability, generosity, courage, orderliness, endurance, thoroughness, and compassion. 

      Practical hands-on projects make learning come alive. Interesting "application questions" make it easy for you and your child to apply lessons to real life situations! 

      You will meet a wide variety of worthy heroes including General Douglas MacArthur, blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby, even canine hero Balto, the sled dog who saved Nome from the plague by carrying the vaccine through an impossible blizzard! Each character quality is illustrated in history, Scripture and "everyday life" stories. And it all come to life through the eyes of "the cousins" as a series of charming photos illustrate stories throughout the book. 

    Endorsement by Crystal Paine, Money Saving Moms

      "If you’re a mom of young ones and you’ve been over to my house in the past few months, you’ve probably heard me talk about Marilyn Boyer’s Character books. I can’t help myself; I love them.
      And it’s just not me who loves them. My children adore these books.
      We were all so sad when we finished Crossroads of Character, so I was thrilled to discover that there was another book in the “series”.Character Trails is similar to Crossroads of Character, but it’s geared for a little bit older age level (I’d say 5-10 year olds).
      There are 12 different character qualities covered. For each character quality, there is a Bible story, a story from history, and a story from Marilyn’s grandchildren that exemplifies that character quality.
      Once again, my children were completely engaged. Some of the Bible stories and stories from history were ones they were very familiar with. But there were others that were new to them.
      Character Trails provided a springboard for many great discussions. And, once again, we were sad when we were finished with the book. I think my children are very hopeful that Marilyn continues to release these books so that they can follow along as her grandchildren grow up!
      If you’re looking for a quality book on character for younger children, I’d definitely recommend Crossroads of Character and Character Trails. We read one story every day at breakfast and it was the perfect length for the current ages of my children."
    ~ Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

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    Level 2- Character Trails E-book

    Level 2- Character Trails E-book

    Prepare to be amazed at how much fun great character can be! Approximate ages 6-9