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Uncle Rick Reads Heroes of Our Revolution Volume 2

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Full of adventure! Great for all ages!

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  • This is the second half of the masterful account of the War of Independence begun in Heroes of Our Revolution Part I.  Here the eager young listener will live once again the struggles and adventures of the men and women whose bravery and sacrifice made the dream of a free republic come true.  Boys and girls alike will be entranced by the many tales of courage, suffering, sacrifice and triumph that were the everyday stuff of that famous era.   This book is so lively and realistic that you can almost smell the smoke from the cannons!

    Heroes of the Revolution Volume 2
    Exciting stories in this audio include:
    The Second Battle of Bemis Heights, Capture of General Prescott, The Movements of General Howe, Battle of Brandywine, Suprise and Defeat of Wayne, Howe Takes Philadelphia, The Battle of Germantown, Successful Defense of Forts Mercer and Mifflin, Captures of Forts Montgomery and Clinton, The Conway Cabal, Capture of Forts Mercer and Mifflin, Gates at the head of the Board of War, 
    Steuben at Valley Forge, The signing of the Treaty with France, Howe Suspended by Clinton, The Evacuation of Philadelphia, The Battle of Monmouth, Clinton's Retreat to New York,Court Martial of General Lee, Tardy Arrival of French Fleet, The Fleets Dispersed by a Storm, The Wyoming Valley Massacre, Murder and Pillage by the British, The British in Florida and Georgia, Storming of Stony Point, Sullivans' Expedition Against Wyoming Valley Murderers, Siege and Surrender of Charleston, Marauds of Tarleton and Ferguson, Arnold's Difficulties, His Treasonable Correspondence with Clinton, Arnold and Andre, Capture of Andre and Flight of Arnold, Execution of Andre, Story of Nathan Hale, Knyphausen's Invasion of New Jersey, The Murder of Mrs. Caldwell, Knyphausen's Second Attempt, Gates Appointed to Command the Southern Army, The Battle of Camden, Cornwallis' Advance into North Carolina, The Battle of King's Mountain, Sumter vs. Tarleton, The Battle of Cowpens, Greene Takes Command, The Crossing of the Catawba, The Yadkin and Dan Rivers, Cornwallis Abandons His Pursuit, Battle of Guilford Court House, Greene Moves into South Carolina, The Situation in Virginia, Greene Moves Upon the British, The Battle of Eutaw Springs, Cornwallis Joins Arnold, Layfayette Follows Cornwallis, Washington's Change of Plans, Cornwallis Moves to Yorktown, The Siege of Yorktown, Storming of the Redoubts, Surrender of Cornwallis, End of the Revolutions, The Naval Heroes of the Revolution.


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    Uncle Rick Reads Heroes of Our Revolution Volume 2

    Uncle Rick Reads Heroes of Our Revolution Volume 2

    Full of adventure! Great for all ages!