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Uncle Rick Reads Portraits of Integrity- CD version

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Uncle Rick Reads Portraits of Integrity by Marilyn Boyer and Grace Tumas. This audiobook is a 5 CD set.

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  • One of the most powerful ways to inspire kids to greatness is through the stories of great people from the past. In Portraits of Integrity audio book, your children will be challenged to strive for excellence through the examples of 45 people who have gone down in history as models of noble character. Your children will meet:

    Jake DeShazer, an American soldier who was a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. He was mistreated for many months, but when a Bible came into his hands he became a Christian and later went to Japan to share the gospel with his former enemies. One of his converts was Mitsuo Fuchida, the leader of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Then both Jake DeShazer and Mitsuo Fuchida went around the country of Japan together sharing the gospel.

    Nate Saint, the missionary pilot who, with Jim Elliott and three other men, sacrificed his life to bring the gospel to the Auca Indians of South America

    Sergeant Alvin York, the hero of World War I, who single-handedly captured thirtyeight machine guns and 132 enemy soldiers

    Lydia Darragh, the Philadelphia Quaker woman who overheard British officers planning an attack on General Washington’s army and carried the news to him at the risk of her own life.

    The stories are designed to demonstrate character in action. When they learn how Jake DeShazer, for instance, forgave the Japanese guards it helps put into proper perspective how they can surely forgive their brothers and sister for destroying their lego creation. There is one story for each of the 45 character qualities they will be learning in Kids of Character Bible Study.

    Stories included are:

    The Virginia Giant-Peter Fransisco (Rev. War August 1780), The Listeners-Lydia Darragh (Rev War, Dec, 1777), Sergeant Molly- Molly Pitcher (Rev War, Battle of Monmouth, June 1778), Featherbed Raid- Captain John S. Mosby (Civil War, March 1863), Felt Boots-Gregory Burmistr (Russia- March 1919), Waterland- Horatio and Anna Spafford- Nov. 1873), Casualty-Col. Aleksandr Groten- Russia WW 1, 1915), Sea Monsters-John Paul Jones (Rev War, Sept 1779), Sun-Swept Afternoon of Horror- Lieutenant Adrian Marks (WWII - August 2, 1945), Angels on Omaha Beach- Cecil Breeden-Medic- WWII- Normandy, June 6, 1944), Renaissance Man- Benjamin Franklin( Rev War 1706-1790), The Sub that Sank a Train-Commander Eugene Fluckey-(WWII- June 1945), Race to the Dan River-Major Nathaniel Greene(Rev War Feb, 1781), The Catacomb Church-Metropolitan Joseph Petroykh (WW I, Russia, August, 1936), The Black Robe-John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg (Rev War, Jan 1776), Caesar Rodney's Ride- Caesar Rodney (Rev War, July 1776), Angel's Wings-Sergeant Jake DeShazer (WWII- 1941-1945), Dead Money- Robert Morris (Rev War Dec. 1776), After the Battle- Abraham Lincoln (Civil War,Sept 1862), Brown Eyes- Amy Carmichael (March 1901-Jan 1951), One Life to Give- Nathan Hale (Rev War Sept 1776), The Black Baron- General Pyotr Wrangel, Crimea, Oct 1920), The Gift- Kate Gibson (Fort Abraham Lincoln, Christmas 1875), Operation Auca- Missionary Nate Saint (Jan. 1956), General in Disguise- General John Hunt Morgan-Civil War, 1862, Fortress Escape- Armard Pinsard (WWI- Feb. 1915),The Refuge-Roger Williams- Colonial PeriodJan, 1636), The Flying Panther- Capt. Eddie Simpson-WWII Aug. 1944), Greater Love-Darya Efimova- Russian Rev, Dec 1917), The Plant Doctor- George Washington Carver, 1896), Argonne Forest- Sgt. York, WWI Oct 1918), Confederate April-Col. Charles Marshall, Civil War, April 9, 1865), The Bridge on the River Kwai-Col. Philip Toosey- WWII June, 1942), Give Me Liberty- Patrick Henry(pre Rev War, March, 1775), War Woman Creek- Nancy Ward Rev War, 1779), Tracks- Balto Feb, 1925), Over Enemy Lines- Bill Overstreet- (WW II- France 1944), Red Dawn- Francis Scott Key- War of 1812-Sept, 1814), Midnight Express- Kate Shelley, Iowa, July 1881), Blue and Gray Robert E. Lee- (Civil War- Gettysburg, July 1863),The Broom Test- George Washington Carver-1872), God's Army-William Booth- London, 1865), Bird Woman-Sacagawea-Lewis and Clark Expedition, Nov, 1804), The Secret-Queen Victoria (England, 1837), Sea Path- Matthew Maury (Pre Civil War, 1842), 


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    Uncle Rick Reads Portraits of Integrity- CD version

    Uncle Rick Reads Portraits of Integrity- CD version

    Uncle Rick Reads Portraits of Integrity by Marilyn Boyer and Grace Tumas. This audiobook is a 5 CD set.