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Level 1-Character Concepts Curriculum For Preschoolers Basic- Downloadable Version

Recommended for ages 4-6. This is the downloadable version. There is an optional set of flashcards if you wish to use another version of the Bible than KJV.

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  • The most important thing you can teach your preschooler is character. It lays the foundation for all other learning.

    In this 36 week course, preschoolers will not only learn 12 basic character qualities, but see them applied by the Boyer Cousins, people from the Bible and real people in American history!  This fun curriculum is the result of people asking me what we did with our preschoolers and how to do it. It is very adaptable to your schedule and the individuality of your child. I LOVED the preschool years of my children. Hope you will too! My intention in writing this curriculum was to free you up and make it fun for both you and your children, stirring up that God-given love for learning! Qualities covered are Obedience, Patience, Honesty, Gratefulness, Responsibility, Respectfulness, Self-control, Initiative, Diligence, Kindness, Contentment, and Deference (sharing)

    Character Concepts Basic Character Curriculum includes the following:

    Crossroads of Character: Learning to Make Wise Choices
    This colorfully illustrated book teaches your child 12 basic character qualities, vital to your child`s understanding of how to make wise choices in their everyday lives. The Boyer cousins (my grandchildren) are the main characters in the simple but effective stories in decision making.  The goal is to teach your child the definition of the character qualities (your child can`t implement character in their lives without understanding what it is), and also teaches them a Scripture verse, (what God says about it), and how to apply it to life on their level of understanding.
    History for Preschoolers: Uncle Rick has recorded a CD set with stories of American heroes who also illustrate these character qualities in their lives. We supply a picture of these heroes in our Mom`s Guide so you can show them to your child as they listen to these Uncle Rick character stories. The whole family will enjoy listening to these inspiring stories with your preschoolers!

    Learning Character with the Cousins Flashcards: These flashcards present the Character Qualities found in Crossroads of Character, simple, kid-friendly definitions, and a Scripture verse to hide in their heart. Full-color pictures on the flashcards also make memorizing easier, as the child will remember the story that is associated with each character quality. There is an optional set of flashcards for you to use if you wish to use a different version of the Bible than KJV. Just print the optional version and write in version of your choice on back side of card. 

    Learning ABC`s with the Cousins: A set of  colorful, photographic flashcards for learning the alphabet sounds. 

    Hands-on Character Building: Proven ideas and hands-on projects for teaching character along with direction for when to use them to assist in practically applying what they are learning.

    Learning the Word from A to Z Flashcards-This is a delightfully illustrated set of flashcards for use in learning Scripture and also the sounds of letters. The front  of the card has the letter of the alphabet and verse to memorize. The back of the card has color pictures of things that begin with the letter. What a fun way to learn Scripture and sounds letters make! Be sure to check the see inside images. Beautiful!

    Mom`s Guide: Supplies you with information to effectively teach your preschoolers for a full 36 week period. Our aim is to make it easy for you and fun for your little ones! Patterns are given for seasonal and educational crafts. Suggestions are made for family fun trips to help make learning fun,and as a bonus, over 30 recipes are included for fun food to make with your preschooler.

    What our customers say:

      "If you are looking for a strong Biblically sound preschool curriculum to use with your children, I highly recommend Character Concepts For Preschoolers from The Learning Parent." 
    ~ Shirley Rempel

      "I just received my package yesterday and took some time to go through the materials. All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for tapping into this age group with such a God honoring curriculum. The curriculum we use to homeschool begins with Kindergarten, and I”ve struggled with this preschool/preK year with my previous three daughters. I”ve searched high and low for an organized, easy to implement, Scripturally strong program to do with my kids at this age, one that will not be overwhelming for me as a busy homeschooling mother. I have one final daughter who is three years old, and your preschool curriculum is such a blessing. I can’t wait to jump in and begin! All glory to God of course, but thank you for your faithfulness and to the homeschooling community!"

      "We used the Character Concepts for Preschoolers with my 4 and 6yo children with great success this school year. First of all, they really enjoyed it! They loved reading it over and over again. Secondly, we've seen the fruit. It's been easy to say, "Are you obeying Momma? What is obedience?" They then recite that obedience is doing what is expected of them, cheerfully, immediately and thoroughly. Then I ask them what God's word says about obedience. They repeat several verses we've memorized. If I am consistent in using this approach, I don't have to get upset and I don't have to struggle with explaining why they need to obey. God's Word convicts them and they realize that they are disobeying God....not just Momma. I have a framework and guide in this book for using God's Word to train my children. It's just wonderful." 
    ~ Heather Smith

      "I just wanted to let you know that I received my preschool character curriculum in the mail today, and I am delighted.  It looks like just the product I’ve been looking for!  What a fun year for my little one!"
    ~ Amara Kwasiborski


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    Level 1-Character Concepts Curriculum For Preschoolers Basic- Downloadable Version

    Level 1-Character Concepts Curriculum For Preschoolers Basic- Downloadable Version

    Recommended for ages 4-6. This is the downloadable version. There is an optional set of flashcards if you wish to use another version of the Bible than KJV.