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  • Uncle Rick's Holiday Book For the last few decades, Americans have been losing their understanding of our history and heritage. One of the symptoms of this problem is the fact that we no longer realize the signifigance of our national holidays. When Uncle Rick was a boy in school, everybody knew that Thanksgiving was a time of giving thanks to God, as the Pilgrims did in colonial days. Everybody visited the cemeteries on Memorial Day, honoring those who died in war to keep us free and remembering their departed loved ones.

    But most schools don't teach the truth about our holidays any more, so parents must be sure their children learn at home. Now, Uncle Rick has written his Holiday Book for parents and kids to read together. He hopes you enjoy it as your family rediscovers our Christian and patriotic heritage.

    Portraits of Valor

    Throughout America's history, young people have been entertained and challenged by the stories of heroes from the past. Kids love the stories of great men and women from history and they want to be like them. Now Profiles of Valor brings to life 40 fascinating characters from America's War of Independence. 

    Your children will love these exciting true stories. And they'll be inspired to strive for the character qualities they illustrate. They'll see greatness exemplied by:

    Nancy Strong, the patriot spy who ferreted out information about British military strategy and signaled it to Washington's spies-by hanging various colored petticoats on her clothesline!

    General George Washington, whose desperate prayer in the snow of Valley Forge brought supernatural deliverance to his starving soldiers-through a miraculous swarm of fish in a nearby river.

    Reverand James Caldwell, "The Fighting Chaplain", who sent bullets and Scripture flying toward charging British soldiers when he threw copies of Watt's Hymnal to his men for rifle wadding, shouting "Give em Watts, boys! Give em Watts!

    Boys of Liberty Library

    Learn the inspiring story of America’s birth in the most exciting way—through great stories!  In this collection of five great novels for young people, the early days of the War of Independence come vividly to life.  Follow Paul Revere as he steals through dark streets of Boston, collecting and communicating information about the British, then galloping through the Middlesex farms and villages calling the patriots to wake up and prepare for battle!  Share the tense days and weeks of the siege of Boston.  March with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys through some of the roughest conflicts of the early war.  Thrill again to the peril and excitement of the Battle of Long Island!  All this and more await the young patriot who is fortunate enough to lay his hands on Collection 1 of the Boys of Liberty Library. Approx. 17 hours of listening time!!


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    Uncle Rick's Patriot Pack

    Uncle Rick's Patriot Pack

    Three resources for young patriots