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Family Treasury Collection

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  • This family collection contains two books chock full of true life stories to illustrate character qualites in a powerful way to your family. Stories you will never forget serve as a powerful reminder to strive to implement godly character in our own lives. We love using these books during family time so we can learn together. 

    Portraits of Integrity-One of the most powerful ways to inspire people to greatness is through the stories of great people from the past.  In Portraits of Integrity you and your children will be challenged to strive for excellence through the examples of 45 people who did just that.  They will meet:

    --Jake DeShazer who was a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II.  He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for many months, but when a Bible came into his hands he became a Christian and later went to Japan to share the gospel with his former enemies.
    --Nate Saint, the missionary pilot who, with Jim Elliott and three other men sacrificed his life to bring the gospel to the Auca Indians of South America.
    --Booker T. Washington, the former slave boy who rose to become the leader of his people and built a college from nothing to give ex-slaves and their children a chance to elevate themselves as he had.
    --and forty-two more inspirational heroes of history!
    Sure to be an all-time family favorite, Portraits of Integrity will be treasured as a centerpiece of family devotions or as a part of Character Concepts Curriculum.   Portraits of Integrity will inspire young people and their parents as well, with the examples of people who dared and did great deeds that have gone down in history. 
    Profiles of Valor

    Throughout America's history, young people have been entertained and challenged by the stories of heroes from the past. Kids love the stories of great men and women from history and they want to be like them. Now Profiles of Valor brings to life 40 fascinating characters from America's War of Independence. 

    Your children will love these exciting true stories. And they'll be inspired to strive for the character qualities they illustrate. They'll see greatness exemplied by:

    Nancy Strong, the patriot spy who ferreted out information about British military strategy and signaled it to Washington's spies-by hanging various colored petticoats on her clothesline!

    General George Washington, whose desperate prayer in the snow of Valley Forge brought supernatural deliverance to his starving soldiers-through a miraculous swarm of fish in a nearby river.

    Reverand James Caldwell, "The Fighting Chaplain", who sent bullets and Scripture flying toward charging British soldiers when he threw copies of Watt's Hymnal to his men for rifle wadding, shouting "Give em Watts, b



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    Family Treasury Collection

    Family Treasury Collection

    Great for family devotions!