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Florence Nightingale Ebook

A Discovery reader for grades 2- 5. 

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  • As a child in England, Florence Nightingale’s favorite game was playing nurse. From nursing her dolls she went on to tend sick dogs, cats, donkeys, and lambs. Soon she was nursing the village people as well.
    Her family thought nursing was no occupation for a wealthy young lady. They were shocked when she refused to give up her work in order to marry, but at last they allowed her to join a hospital staff.
    In those days there was no proper training for nurses, but Florence became so skilled that the British government sent her to the Crimean War. Working with almost no facilities, Florence changed the methods of wartime nursing. The wounded soldiers never forgot her courage and kindness.
    In England, Florence became a heroine. When she returned she founded the first school for trained nurses, the Nightingale School, in London. Florence is still honored as the world’s first great nurse. Not only had she changed the world’s ideas about nursing, but she had trained others to carry on her courageous work.


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    Florence Nightingale Ebook

    Florence Nightingale Ebook

    A Discovery reader for grades 2- 5.