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The True Story of Benjamin Franklin E-Book

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  •  Perhaps no other American of his time was so well-known and accomplished so much in the interest of American independence as Benjamin Franklin. A signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Franklin was also America`s envoy to France and England, America`s first Postmaster General, President of the Colony of PA, and even for a while a general in the PA militia. The epitome of the self-made American, Franklin acquired most of his superb and practical education by his own study.

    He was a printer, a writer, a publisher, a businessman. He started the first circulation library in America. He established the school that became the University of PA, the publication that became the Saturday Evening Post and the first fire and police departments in America. In the turbulent days of America`s birth, Franklin was the godfather of the nation, the ultimate elder statesman to whom Washington, Jefferson, and Adams listened to with great respect.

    Also available as an audiobook- Long buried in obscurity, this once-famous biography of Franklin has been revived and audio- recorded by Uncle Rick in his ongoing mission of introducing the children of America to the glories of their heritage as Christian Americans.

    Available on CD as part of Uncle Rick Reads Biographies of Heroes from the American Revolution

  • Age 13-18, 6-12
    Type E-Book
    Emphasis Biographies, History
    Author Elbridge S. Brooks


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    The True Story of Benjamin Franklin E-Book

    The True Story of Benjamin Franklin E-Book