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The Boy From the Ranch - eBook

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  • Bradner knew his way around the ranch.  He was a top hand with a lariat or a six-shooter and could stick like a leech to the saddle of a plunging, bucking bronco.  But the biggest challenge of his life awaits him when his rancher dad calls upon Roy to leave the western prairie and journey to faraway New York City.  The Bradner family has business in the big city too, and it`s not going well.  Crooked wheeler-dealers, men of influence and power, have their eyes on the Bradner property and will stop at nothing--not even murder--to get what they want.  Will Roy`s western savvy be equal to the task of defeating these crooks and protecting his family?

  • Age 13-18, 6-12
    Type E-Book
    Emphasis History
    Author Frank V. Webster


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    The Boy From the Ranch - eBook

    The Boy From the Ranch - eBook