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The Socialization Trap Audio Book by Rick Boyer

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  • Most home educators reject school for their children partly because of the damage done to themselves by the pressures of the age-peer social group. Yet many parents try to replace lost "social contact" by placing their children in a variety of age-graded activities that re-create the peer pressure all over again. This book tells why you don`t need to! The answer you need to the constant question, "What about socialization?"

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    “We were amazed and convicted of the truths you speak. Thank you for your forthrightness in not backing down, but in gentleness presenting the issues.”- a dad from Virginia

    “The Socialization Trap has really helped us explain why we’re doing what we are with our children. We are recommending your book to those who ask us about good resources.”
    “I’m recommending your book The Socialization Trap to everyone who’ll listen. I love it.”- a mom from Texas
    “I’ve been enjoying your book, The Socialization Trap. In fact, I’m in a perpetual read; when I finish it, I start over and read it again.” – a youth director from South Dakota
    “I have just completed your book The Socialization Trap. Thank you so much for your shared wisdom and insights. I think every parent should have to read this book.” – a mom from California
    “After reading The Socialization Trap, private school probably will not happen. Through your book, God spoke very clearly to us and said, “You teach your children. Go.””- a couple from Virginia


    A Review of The Socialization Trap by Rick Boyer
    Reviewed by Vicki Bentley, April 2008

    If you homeschool, you’ve probably heard the challenge, “What about socialization?” Well, The Socialization Trap by Rick Boyer is the definitive answer. Using scriptural principles, documented research, and anecdotal evidence, Rick presents an overwhelming case in favor of a home discipleship model of social learning, in his own not-overwhelming, entertaining, down-to-earth style.
    Rick outlines many of the myths of socialization, then spends much of the book exploding those myths. This is not just one man’s opinion that age segregation is a poor model that harms our children, or a parroted thesis on the benefits of homeschooling. He cites public school teacher surveys, former secretary of education Bill Bennett, college sociology texts, New York State Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto, and many other non-homeschool-related sources, and recounts many eye-opening personal accounts of children stumbling down the slippery slope of age segregation and family separation.
    While most of us like to think that the schools exist to teach children the Three R’s over a twelve-year period, did you realize that “John Holt has found that it only takes about thirty hours for a person to learn to read,” and “John Taylor Gatto claims that plenty of evidence exists that people can learn to read, write and do basic arithmetic – in other words, learn to be self-educators – in about one hundred hours”? So what is the purpose of the other 11½ years of compulsory “education”? Rick explains why you, as a homeschooling parent, should still be concerned about what is taught in public schools, and how society’s paradigm still impacts your family.
    I appreciate Rick’s objective, calm (and brief) appraisal of television as a socializer in the lives of our children. He doesn’t approach this subject with his eyes or mind closed, but as a former viewer who now has better things to do with his time. His non-judgmental examination of the influence of “the god with the glass face” is designed to encourage us to evaluate the effects of our viewing habits on our families.
    The Socialization Trap is not just an exposé of the agenda of public schools, but of any influence intended to divide the family. He concludes by outlining some natural principles for creating a healthy plan for social learning for our children.
    This is not a book of boring statistics, but a conversational yet powerful appeal from one parent to another to examine where our families are headed. This might as well be your next door neighbor chatting with you over the fence, but with a passion to save your family. Rick writes very conversationally, with much humor and great wisdom.
    If you are a new or prospective homeschooler, this book will encourage you in the “why” of homeschooling. If you are a veteran, this book is reassurance that you made an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a thoughtful answer for family members and onlookers who worry themselves(or you!) over the social development of your children, you have to read this book (you may want to keep a few extra copies on hand to lend out or give away – it’s that influential). 
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    The Socialization Trap Audio Book by Rick  Boyer

    The Socialization Trap Audio Book by Rick Boyer