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Uncle Rick Reads Biographies of Heroes from the American Revolution Collection CD's

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Approx 15 hrs listening for ages 5-adult. You will be amazed at the character of these men as you learn in a way you won`t forget!

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  • Join Uncle Rick as he reads the amazing stories of four heroes from the Revolutionary War. George Washington, Ben Franklin Marquis de Layfayette, and Patrick Henry come vividly to life in these great biographies for young people. Get ready for excitement as you hear about battles, perilous sea voyages and a host of other extraordinary events that were all part of daily life in America's War for Independence. 

    Included in set are: 

    The True Story of George Washington: He was called the Father of his country -- George Washington: soldier, surveyor, farmer, statesman -- the epitome of the American hero. Now this American giant comes alive once again in this classic audio reproduction of the 1895 biography. Though neglected in modern "politically correct" history books, George Washington was once the hero of every patriotic American boy and girl. Now he once again assumes his rightful place as, in the words of General "Light Horse" Harry Lee, "First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

    Read in the entertaining and informal style of "Uncle Rick Boyer," children of all ages will love this great biographical classic and Uncle Rick`s Character Commentary, added throughout to give the full benefit of the life example of this exemplary man. Watch your children effortlessly learn history, language, and sterling character as Uncle Rick reads The True Story of George Washington. This is over three hours of entertaining character through history!

     The True Story of Benjamin Franklin: Perhaps no other American of his time was so well-known and accomplished so much in the interest of American independence as Benjamin Franklin. A signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Franklin was also America`s envoy to France and England, America`s first Postmaster General, President of the Colony of PA, and even for a while a general in the PA militia. The epitome of the self-made American, Franklin acquired most of his superb and practical education by his own study.

    He was a printer, a writer, a publisher, a businessman. He started the first circulation library in America. He established the school that became the University of PA, the publication that became the Saturday Evening Post and the first fire and police departments in America. In the turbulent days of America`s birth, Franklin was the godfather of the nation, the ultimate elder statesman to whom Washington, Jefferson, and Adams listened to with great respect.

    Long buried in obscurity, this once-famous biography of Franklin has been revived and audio- recorded by Uncle Rick in his ongoing mission of introducing the children of America to the glories of their heritage as Christian Americans.

    True Story of Layfayette:   He was a boy general. The young Marquis de Lafayette set sail for America in a ship purchased with his own money to cast his lot with George Washington`s embattled citizen soldiers.  Committing both his life and his fortune, Lafayette soon earned the great General`s deep respect as well as his warm and lasting friendship.  Always at the hottest point in the battle, yet never striving for his own glory, the youthful soldier proved both his courage and loyalty to the cause of freedom.  And when that freedom was won for his American comrades, he returned to his native France to spend the rest of his adventurous life fighting for the same "rights of the people" in his home country.  Here is Lafayette---hero to the new American nation and a worthy model for young people of every generation.

     Patrick Henry- Firebrand of the Revolution:   

    "Give me liberty or give me death!" That was Patrick Henry`s ringing challenge to his fellow patriots in the days leading up to the American Revolution. Listen as Uncle Rick reads Patrick Henry-Firebrand of the Revolution and relive the glorious days of America`s founding. Learn about his relationships with George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and other heroes. This book brings a champion of freedom back to life. Meet the patriot, the farmer, the lawyer, the governor, the family man, the Christian- Patrick Henry!

     Hear  What our Customers Say!

     I am a homeschooling mom of 4 boys (ages 2 to 9) and I want to tell you what my oldest son, Joel, told me last night. All 4 boys share a room and they take turns choosing a CD to listen to as they fall asleep. Joel wanted to know if he could put in an Uncle Rick CD after the Charlotte`s Web CD (that his younger brother chose) ended. I told him yes, since the younger 3 were all asleep. He then said, "Uncle Rick is my favorite person that reads audio CDs." I thought you`d like to know! :-)  ~Jamie


    *P.S. As a mom, Uncle Rick is my favorite too! I especially love the American history CDs--this is so important for them to know, and reading your materials has given me a passion for our Godly heritage, and I want my boys to grow up loving and knowing their heritage. Thank you SO much!


    A while ago I wrote to you about my son Samuel who was born with hearing and vision deficits and has struggled to read and learn. He continues to enjoy your audio books, love history and have a very good understanding of historical events because of your Uncle Rick audios. What he hears, he can comprehend. His reading comprehension is steadily increasing because of all this listening to the audio book and following along(if we have the book) in the book. I HAVE to buy him new ones each birthday and Christmas. :-) ~Heather

    My children were more than excited about the George Washington CD set!~ Dee

    Dear Uncle Rick, Thank you for your audio CD’s. We have 7 of them and I listen almost every night. I like your CD’s because I know who is reading them and I like how you read them. I want to try to graft some of the trees together that are in my backyard like you said on one of your CD’s. I am 10 years old. From your little buddy, Joel




  • Height 115
    Width 120
    Age 0-5, 13-18, 6-12, Multilevel
    Type CD
    Emphasis Biographies, Character, History
    Author Elbridge Brooks and Nardi Reeder Campion


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    Uncle Rick Reads Biographies of Heroes from the  American Revolution Collection CD's

    Uncle Rick Reads Biographies of Heroes from the American Revolution Collection CD's

    Approx 15 hrs listening for ages 5-adult. You will be amazed at the character of these men as you learn in a way you won`t forget!