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Uncle Rick Reads Stories of the American Revolution Collection CD's

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 Approx. 7 hrs. listening time- Ages 4-16



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  • No chapter in American history can compare to the Revolutionary War for danger, adventure, deeds of valor, noble sacrifice and the promise of great national glory to come.  Now  scenes from those  wild, heady times come flooding back to thrill and challenge your children in this audio collection from Uncle Rick.  The real-life accounts of courageous men and women fighting for freedom will inspire your children to new heights of patriotism, worthy character, and an appreciation for all that was sacrificed to give us America!

     This collection Includes:

    War for Independence: These stories were originally published in 1908 for use in the public school as fifth/sixth grade reading material. They are excellent patriotic stories of events that occurred during the War of Independence, such as the Boston Tea Party, and events that led to the war and people involved in it. They are fascinating for kids ages 5- 13.  

     Revolutionary Heroes: A new nation is born! Thirteen feeble English colonies, disowned by their king and parliament, denied the rights  and protections due them as Englishmen, take up arms against the mightiest nation on earth to fight for their freedom. They have no army, no navy, no treasury, no allies. But what they do have is a generation of men and women of superior wisdom and character, made strong by a deep faith in their God and the demands of living in a raw new land. Listen and be inspired as Uncle Rick reads the true story of some of the heroes who gave us America!!

    CD #1-Gen. Joseph Warren, Capt Nathan Hale, Gen. Washington`s Spies, Washington Crossing the Delaware, John Adams Making a Case for Independence
    CD #2- The Writing and Signing of the Decl. of Indep., Robert Morris-Financier of Revolution, John Jay-First Supreme Ct Justice, Fisher Ames- Orator of Congress, Chief Justice Coatsworth Pinckney, signer of Constitution


    Petticoat Warriors One of the lesser known facts of our nation`s history is the important role played by American women in our War for Independence from England. In this series you will meet some great heroines such as:

    -Dicey Langsten who braved treacherous swamps and flooding rivers to warn her brother, a Patriot soldier and his comrades of an imminent Tory attack.

    -Catherine Sherrill Sevier, who refused to tell the whereabouts of her Patriot husband even when threatened with death at gunpoint.

    -Deborah Sampsen, who disguised herself in men`s clothing and fought as a soldier in Washington`s army.

    -Betty Zane, who left the protection of a beseiged fort and braved the gunfire of 500 Indians and Tories to fetch gunpowder from a nearby cabin.

    -Molly Hays, who became famous as Molly Pitcher for taking over her husband`s place serving an American cannon when he went down in battle against the British.

    Now you can meet these great women and many others who endured great danger and sacrifice to bring  freedom to America!!


    See what our customers say:

     A while ago I wrote to you about my son Samuel who was born with hearing and vision deficits and has struggled to read and learn. He continues to enjoy your audio books, love history and have a very good understanding of historical events because of your Uncle Rick audios. What he hears, he can comprehend. His reading comprehension is steadily increasing because of all this listening to the audio book and following along(if we have the book) in the book. I HAVE to buy him new ones each birthday and Christmas. :-) Heather



  • Height 109
    Width 120
    Age 0-5, 13-18, 6-12, Multilevel
    Type CD
    Emphasis Biographies, History
    Author Various, Read by Uncle Rick


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    Uncle Rick Reads Stories of the American Revolution Collection CD's

    Uncle Rick Reads Stories of the American Revolution Collection CD's

     Approx. 7 hrs. listening time- Ages 4-16