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Making Wise Choices Flashcard Set

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Verses mostly in KJV.  Redesigned. Now withcolor on the front sides!

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  • We have combined our three beginning flashcards sets into a package for use in teaching 3-12 year olds to hide God`s Word in their heart.  It`s amazing how much Scripture children can learn in short amounts of time each day. Full color front and black and white back.  Verses are mostly in KJV. 

    For ages 3 -12 years

     Proverbs Flashcards

    They`re simple and they work! 
    31 cards per set. Each card includes a verse from Proverbs, as well as a simple question and answer on each card  to help children to see how the verses apply to their daily lives.
    Side 1: What must we do to have friends?"
    Side 2: Act Friendly- Proverbs 18:24
    A Man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother

     If /When Flashcards

    Each card features a question, relevant to situations in a child's daily life- along with a Scripture reference on one side, and then the answer to the question - which is the actual memory verse - on the other side. 
    We chose situations we knew our children would face to give them advance training in wisdom as to how to make goodchoices in everyday life. 
    Side 1: If you are considering not doing something you know to be right
    James 4: 17
    Side 2: Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do, and does not do it, to him it is sin.
    Some of the topics covered in this set:

    ~When tempted to speak foolish or harmful words

    ~When tempted to be unkind to those who mistreat us

    ~When tempted to argue

    ~When tempted to complain

    ~When tempted to tattle

    ~When tempted to want the best for yourself, or be the first to do something....

    ~When tempted to grumble or argue.

    Character Quality Flashcards

    teaching obedience, gratefulness, and kindness.

    Flashcards feature a question on one side, and verse and reference on the other. 
    For Example:
    Side 1" " Why should we choose godly friends?
    Side 2: "He who walks with wise men shall bewise. But the companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20." 
  • Height 120
    Width 102
    Age 0-5, 6-12
    Type Flashcards
    Emphasis Bible Memory, Proverbs
    Author Marilyn Boyer


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    Making  Wise Choices Flashcard Set

    Making Wise Choices Flashcard Set

    Verses mostly in KJV.  Redesigned. Now withcolor on the front sides!