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On My Own Biographies, Set 2


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Set of Ten Top-Quality History Readers!

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  • I can`t tell you how delighted I was to find early readers about true American heros. While learning to read, your children can also learn about wonderful role models! We are using the books in this series presently and loving them. The illustrations are realistic , also. My five-year-old daughter loves to sit and hear her brother read about these heros and has learned so much history just from listening while her brother reads!

    We recently made an amazing discovery! My daughter-in-law Kari was looking for history hero stories for Cassidy, who was 3 yr. old. I loaned her a set of these readers and Cass was captivated by them! So, read them to your preschoolers, teach your beginning readers to read with them and use them all the way up to third grade level. If your child wants to hear the story again and again (which mine all did), and then they progress to learning to read on their own, it can only help them to be familiar with the story. This is actually how my oldest son taught himself to read.

    This set includes:

    Bronco Charlie and the Pony Express-At the age of eleven, he`s been a sailor, a cowboy, and a tamer of wild bucking broncos. But Charlie is always itching for new challenges, and when a Pony Express horse shows up riderless, Charlie gets his big chance. The next station is fifty miles away, and Charlie will have to ride through rugged mountains in the blinding rain to safely deliver the mail. With the threat of hostile Indians, wild animals, and the dangers of riding at night, will Charlie find courage to face his fears and prove that you`re never too young to be brave?

    Buttons for General Washington-Fourteen year old, John Darragh was a spy. But British-occupied Philadelphia in 1777 was not a safe place for an American spy. If he were captured, John knew he would be hanged. In this suspenseful story based on accounts of the Darragh family`s spying activities for General Washington, young John undertakes a dangerous mission to deliver a message to the American army

    Booker T. Washington-More than anything, nine-year old Booker T.Washington longed to go to school. But instead he had to get a job to earn money for his family. Though the Civil War had freed them from slavery, Booker`s famiy had to work hard to survive, but Booker didn`t forget his dream. He taught himself the alphabet, studied at night after work, and was able to realize his dream.

     Martha Washington-Martha Dandridge Custis was twenty-seven years old when she married George Washington, never dreaming of what her future would hold. Kind, gracious, and strong, Martha put others at ease and worked by her husband`s side to help keep their family, home, and country running smoothly. Whether she was at a ball or on a battlefield, Martha set the standard for all future First Ladies with her quiet determination and courage.

    Clouds of Terror-Helga and Erik could not believe their eyes. Grasshoppers were everywhere, and they were destroying the crops! In the 1870`s, grasshoppers destroyed many farms in Minnesota and other mid-western states. Many families gave up and moved away. This is the story of how two Swedish immigrant children help their parents save their home on the prairie.

    The Flight of the Union-In 1847 the people of Niagra Falls, New York and their neighbors in Canada wanted to build a bridge across the river that separated them. The first step was to get a line from one side to the other. Only a kite flown with great skill could do the job. Tekla White tells the story, based on real events, of young Homan Walsh and the kite he called the Union. Ralph Ramstad`s illustrations beautifully depict Homan`s history-making effort near Niagra Falls.

    Sybil Luddington`s Midnight Ride-The British are coming!! Someone must alert the American soldiers. So 16-yr old Sybil and her horse, Star, gallop into the dark, cold, and rainy night. The author recounts the true story of the American Revolution and shows how the courageous Sybil made history.

    George Washington Carver-Born a slave near the end of the Civil War, George Washington Carver was a small and sickly child. Too frail to work in the fields, George did his chores around home the cabin. When his work was done, he headed for the woods. There , his life-long love of nature was born. As a teacher and scientest at Alabama`s Tuskegee Institute in the 1900`s , he gained fame for his work helping farmers grow better crops while sharing with them his love of nature`s bounty.

     Washington is Burning

    Fifteen-year-old Paul Jennings looked out the window of the President`s house. America was at war with Britain, and British soldiers were marching toward Washington. Terrified people were fleeing the city. But Paul was not going to join them yet. He was a slave who belonged to President Madison and his wife, Dolley. Dolley did not want to leave until her husband returned from the battlefront. Paul stayed by her side, helping her pack up official papers and belongings. Finally, they could wait no longer. But there was one more treasure they had to save. Were they too late? 

    Benjamin Banneker-Gazing up at the stars, Benjamin Banneker longed to understand how and why things worked as they did. In a time when most black Americans were slaves, Banneker lived a life of freedom and became known as America’s first black American man of science. He helped survey Washington, D.C., and became the first black American to write an almanac. Through his accomplishments, he helped advance the cause of equality for African Americans.


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    On My Own Biographies, Set 2

    On My Own Biographies, Set 2

    Set of Ten Top-Quality History Readers!