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Rick Boyer

Rick Boyer wears many hats. Parents know him as a speaker/author who tackles the challenges of parenting head-on.  He offers practical, effective solutions based on Scripture and over 40 years of parenting experience.  He and his wife, Marilyn are the authors of many popular books on parenting as well as the Bible-based Character Concepts curriculum.

To homeschooled kids, Rick is "Uncle Rick," a dynamic storyteller who brings Scripture and history to colorful life and turns them into delightful and life-changing character lessons. Check out his audio recordings at

Marilyn Boyer

"She's so ENCOURAGING!"  That's what moms say about Marilyn Boyer, home schooling author and mother of 14.  Marilyn's heartfelt speaking style is both challenging and comforting, her content based on over thirty years' experience in home schooling her own children.  Her many years in the trenches have convinced her that the most important part of an education is the building of godly character.  That's why she created Character Concepts, a Bible-based curriculum for kids from preschool through high school. Learn more of her resources for teaching character to kids at

Rick and Marilyn Boyer's bio:

Rick and Marilyn Boyer are true pioneers of the home schooling movement. Starting in 1980, they educated all of their fourteen children from kindergarten through high school. Along the way, they wrote over twenty books for parents and kids, in addition to creating Character Concepts—a bible-based character curriculum for young people of preschool through high school age. Marilyn is loved for her wisdom, experience and loving passion for helping younger moms. Rick’s messages blend intensity with humor as he applies life experience and Scriptural principles to share parenting solutions that work. Together, the Boyers share the vision that built a family of grown sons and daughters who love God and are each other’s best friends.

Requirements for the Boyers' Speaking Engagements

Honorarium: $ 1000 each for Rick and Marilyn  (exceptions for small events)

Expenses- all expenses must be covered- flight/or mileage expense if we drive, meals, transportation to and from airport or rental car, depending on your needs.

We will book our own flights using our credit card if needed.  Payment for flights must be paid within 30 days of our booking the flight and sending you the itinerary.

We want to work hard at your event.  We expect and are willing to speak many times during the event.  Let us know how we can help meet the specific needs of your people.

Booth Space-We need 5 tables in a good location in the vendor hall.

What others are saying...

“I first came in contact with Rick and Marilyn through their books and only several years later had the privilege of meeting them. Since that time I've been able to better get to know them, not as speakers and writers, but as friends. Rick and Marilyn are real through and through. There are no pretenses, no facades. Their knowledge and wisdom has been trained in real life parenting, complete with mountainous blessings and deep valley trials. Through them all, they have been firmly held by their Savior and found their ministry enhanced by both. I strongly recommend the Boyers' books. They're practical and attainable, sometimes an encouragement, sometimes just the "swat" you need to get you going. And if you have the opportunity to get hold of them in person, the blessing doubles. While seasoned and professional speakers, Rick and Marilyn have never met a stranger - only friends they don't know yet. Don't just listen to their messages; stick around afterwards and meet the wonderful real people, too.” John Desaulniers, Jr., Board Member, Hardin County Home Educators 

“Rick and Marilyn, to me, are homeschool pioneers who have demonstrated to the younger generation of homeschoolers integrity, Christian values, and love. Lacie and I have learned tremendous lessons from Rick and Marilyn and having seen the Christian Character of their children, we are ever so intrigued by how well they have done. There are few families I have met who displays the Glory of God like the Boyers, may their tribe increase.” Top qualities: Expert , Good Value, High Integrity Derick Dickens 

“Rick and Marilyn Boyer are true homeschooling pioneers. They have a vast range of personal experiences from which to draw. They have been state homeschooling leaders, national columnists for our magazine, the Home School Digest, nationally-known authors of several well-received books and popular speakers at various conferences around the nation. Rick is witty and humorous in his presentations and Marilyn can speak with authority on matters related to homeschooling and parenting. I hope you will consider having them speak at your next event, or in working with them in any other capacity.” Israel Wayne, Marketing Director , Wisdom's Gate

“I have known Rick and Marilyn for over 20 years and seen them live out what they teach. Today to many people operate by a philosophy of "do as I say not as I do", Rick and Marilyn operate by doing exactly what they teach. I have seen their many children grow up, all are serving the Lord in their local church, and through it all the Lord has been honored. If you are looking for helpful tools as you home school your children or are looking for material to help you parent your kids with Christian character I would recommend Rick and Marilyn and” David Hamel, Owner, Hospitality Marketing Solutions Inc. was a consultant or contractor to Rick and Marilyn at The Learning Parent

"Rick and Marilyn are awesome! I've worked with them a couple of times at the OCEAN conference and we use a lot of the materials that The Learning Parent puts out. Hire them to be speakers at your next Home Education Conference or buy their books, you won't be disappointed!" Jeremy Bowen