Uncle Rick Reads Stories of Famous Men and Women K-2 History Curriculum

This is the easiest history curriculum you will use! 
Created with busy, homeschooling moms in-mind!
Made to give children a good first-impression of history!

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One year (32 weeks) of 
American History Curriculum
This History Curriculum is designed to:
* fascinate kids through the telling of life stories of real people in American history.
* be adaptable to teaching several children at the same time.
* allow Uncle Rick to do the teaching for you through weekly audio recordings (a new story each week for 32 weeks), so it's super easy for you as the parent!

The Companion Guide supplies you with:
* coloring pages for the children to color as they listen to the audio.
* pictures of the person being studied so the child learns to identify what he or she looked like.

character qualities to learn from the life of the person being studied; definitions are given and the student briefly writes or tells how the person demonstrated that quality.

* lined pages to write coordinating Bible verses (we supply the reference and you choose the version).

* often a written story for the child to read or for you or an older sibling to read to him.
* occasional fun projects that coordinate with the lesson (these are optional).
* comprehension questions that can be used as a test, or better yet, as a game to build attentiveness skills and train the child to listen for the answers as they listen to the recording as many times as they like. 
The more they listen to the story, the more facts they will retain.

* information about when and where in American history the story took place. 

32 Stories are in chronological order, beginning with Captain John Smith and Jamestown;  Pocahontas; Roger Williams- founder of Rhode Island; Betsy Ross; Henry Clay- the great orator; Admiral Farragut-famous navy captain; Stonewall Jackson; Theodore Roosevelt....all the way to Thomas Edison-celebrated inventor!

The Companion Guide Also offers a suggested schedule, but feel free to adapt to the needs of your family. 
Complete one chapter per week.

LOOK: Notice when story takes place and time period. Look at images of person being studied to
see what he or she looked like.

Listen to the audio selection and color the picture(s) while you listen. 
(for more reinforcement, listen to the audio as many days of the week, as desired!)

Read the character quality and its definition for the week and write the Bible verse in the space

ABOUT: If there is a written story, read it and answer theCharacter Connection question on page provided.

FUN PROJECT: If there is a project for this week, you may do it.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Try to answer the questions. If you don't know the answers, listen again to the audio and try to find the answers.

People included in this curriculum are:Pocahontas/ Captain John Smith,Roger Williams and the Pilgrims, William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, How Sammy Helped General Putnam, George Washington, Robert Morris, Patrick Henry, Daniel Boone, Old Independence Hall the Liberty Bell, John Paul Jones, Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, The Trick Jack Davis Played on a British Officer, Henry Clay, Robert Fulton, Charles Goodyear, Admiral Farragut, Commodore Decatur, Commodore Perry, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Cyrus Field, Theodore Roosevelt, Lt. Hobson, Admiral Dewey, Gen. John C. Fremont, General Lawton, Thomas Edison

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