I Can Read- "Made by God" Set

I Can Read! Level 2 "Reading with Help"  Set of 6 readers for ages 4-7.

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These books are made by Zonderkidz. I love the quality and the way the interweave faith into the books. Children love to read about animals and this series will not disappoint you. Meant for ages 4-7, reading with help.

Titles include:

Forest Friends:

Did you know...

Moose can run up to 35 miles an hour? That porcupines are actually very talented tree climbers? Read about these and more of God's forest friends!

Polar Pals

Did you know...

A polar bear's favorite food is seal? That the emperor penguin is the largest penguin in the world? Read more about some very chilly creatures found in the coldest parts of God's world.

Poisonous, Smellly, and Amazing Plants

Did you know...

The Venus Flytrap plant eats bugs? That the redwood is the tallest tree in the world? God's awesome world is filled with unusual plants!

Curious Creatures Down Under

Did you know...

A koala's favorite food is eucalyptus leaves? That some kangaroos can jump six feet in the air? Read about these special animals and more from one of the most unique places in God's world—Australia!

Rainforest Friends

Did you know...

That Bengal tigers love to swim? That spider monkeys live in groups called troops? Learn all about these and other rainforest animals that God created and the special place they live!

Bugs, Little Bugs

Did you know...

There are about 18,000 kinds of butterflies? That the Goliath beetle is the largest bug on earth? Learn more about these and other amazing bugs made by God.

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