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The best of both worlds- a 4 hour long audiobook and a beautifully illustrated book to read.

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Uncle Rick Reads Marion's Men- Audiobook The Swamp Fox!  Was there ever a more exciting life than that of General Francis Marion, the wily swamp fighter of the Carolina colonies? With only a handful of men, Marion lurked in the shady depths of the southern marshes, emerging to strike like lightning at the forces of British General Cornwallis and then vanishing back into the dark forest.  Always outnumbered, fighting with inferior weapons, starving and ragged, Marion’s men nevertheless kept their extraordinary courage against all odds.  Meeting overwhelming numbers of the enemy with bravery and cunning, these early American heroes were a constant thorn in the side of the mighty British army in the southern colonies. Their little force held Cornwallis in check, keeping him from joining the British forces fighting in the north against Washington.  Seldom in history has such a small force of patriots done so much to win freedom for so many! This audiobook is approx 4 hr long.

Francis Marion and the Legend of the Swamp Fox-Francis Marion, a native of South Carolina, was one of the heroes of the American Revolution. He practiced a type of guerrilla warfare in the Coastal Plains, harassing the British and Tory forces and kept them from advancing through the colony to North Carolina, giving George Washington time to strengthen his Continental Army in the North. Marion, nicknamed the Swamp Fox, was a stealthy commander, later Brigadier General, of a group of mostly farmers, Native Americans and African Americans who fought bravely in the swamps, often attacking at night and capturing British supplies, weapons and supplies. His group's actions, along with those of other Partisan fighters and Continentals, such as those commanded by General Nathanael Greene, helped in the ultimate defeat of the British at Yorktown. The book tells the story of Marion and the vivid illustrations show with historical accuracy the story of the almost mythical Swamp Fox. (softcover book- 54 pp.)

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