Uncle Rick's Memorial Day Story

Let Uncle Rick teach your kids the story of Memorial Day.

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Memorial Day!  It means the beginning of the summer, the end of the school year, a three-day weekend with picnics and other fun family times.  But do your children really appreciate what Memorial Day means?

The real purpose of Memorial Day is to honor the memories of those who have died fighting for America.  It started just after the Civil War tore America apart in the 1860’s.  It started in the South, where the graves of southern boys dotted a landscape scarred and devastated by the horrors of four years of war.  Bereaved mothers, wives, daughters and sisters dropped flowers on those sacred graves and watered them with their tears.  It spread to the northern states as well, where there were also many empty places at family supper tables.  Then World War I came along and the day became a time to decorate the graves of all Americans killed in all our wars.

Would you like for your children to understand what Memorial Day really means?  We invite you to let Uncle Rick give them a double dose of patriotism and history in Uncle Rick Tells the Story of Memorial Day!

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