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Don`t settle for Disney`s version...Read the real story of the Robinson family, who were Christians by the way!

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Swiss Family Robinson is the ultimate survival story!!  I have read this great old book several times over the years to my children.  The older ones loved it, and twenty years later their younger siblings loved it too.  What a great read to enjoy together--say, a chapter per evening!
If you`ve seen the 1961 Disney movie based on this book, you have only seen a pale caricature.  The real story by Johann Wyss tells of a godly Swiss family on their way to minister in a New World colony.  Blown far off course in a storm, their ship is stranded on rocks near an uninhabited island.  The Robinsons alone survive the night and, making their way to shore next morning, their first act is to kneel together and give thanks to God for their deliverance.  As the story unfolds, each new day brings adventures, dangers and challenges, all met and overcome through their vital faith in God and their loyalty to each other.  
Swiss Family Robinson paints a rare (these days) picture of a family of faith led by a father who honors God and is honored by his family.  Papa Robinson is constantly encouraging his brood to trust in the Lord, and exhorting them throughout to learn and display Christlike character.  His exemplary wife is a model of Proverbs 31 and the warm relationship between the two parents is reflected in their four sons.  As they learn, worship, dare, succeed and grow together, The story of The Swiss Family Robinson inspires other families with vision and hope while giving them a literary delight.
This famous book contains all the elements that make up a classic:  High adventure, colorful characters, a noble tone, humor, family values, even a touch of virtuous romance.  It`s great family reading and I hope you enjoy it as the Boyers have, and expect to do yet again with our grandchildren!

  • Type E-Book
  • Emphasis Reading
  • Age 13-18, 6-12, Multilevel
  • Author Johann Wyss

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