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  • Character Concepts Curriculum

    Here it is! Bible-based, easy-to-use, loads of fun and yet thoroughly practical. Character Concepts Curriculum gives you what you’ve longed for as a parent—an orderly, powerfully effective system of teaching Christlike character for all ages, preschool through high school. You can get a good math or science curriculum from a number of different sources. But Character Concepts is the ONLY complete character training program on the market. Pick from nine different age levels for the package that is just right for your child. You’ll find books, cd’s, workbooks, flashcards—all kinds of tools to make Scriptural character lessons come alive. Now you and your child can pursue great character together with Character Concepts!

  • Character Concepts Curriculum Downloadable Version

    Brand new! Now all our nine levels of curriculum are available to you as downloads. You can print pages as you need them and print as many as you need for multiple students! All the audios are downloadable as well. As an added feature, you can download our KJV flashcards or if you prefer we now offer an additional set of flashcards on which you can add the verses from your preferred version of the Bible!

  • Downloadable Character Bible Study Books

    All of our Character Concepts Bible study books are now available in downloadable form. Once you purchase them, you can use them for as many students as you wish and just print out the pages as needed. They also come in downloadable sets with the flashcards and audios but in this section the books are separate. That way, if you already have the flashcards and audios you can just purchase the study books.

  • Preschool Curriculum

    Start your child’s learning adventure with CHARACTER! While some preschool curriculum packages try to stuff little minds with academics, Character Concepts goes straight to the heart. Using colorful books, cd’s, flashcards and other time-tested educational tools, Character Concepts for Preschoolers puts first things first. Your child will learn the ABC’s by working through the book of Proverbs. He’ll embark on the adventure of learning character through history with Uncle Rick. He’ll memorize more Scripure—effortlessly—than you would have thought possible. Give your child the spiritual boost he needs with Character Concepts for Preschoolers!

  • Uncle Rick Audios

    Uncle Rick’s character-building audio recordings for kids are dynamite! Coming to your child direct from “The Little House in the Pasture,” these story cd’s and children’s audiobooks will make the young listener feel that he or she is sitting right beside Uncle Rick. Rick Boyer reads Scripture, history and top-quality youth fiction complete with his own friendly, down-home comments and character lessons. There’s plenty of excitement, fun and inspiration here for every age from preschooler to young adult.

  • Character Building Resources

    You’ll find a wide variety of characte training tools here. Flash cards, story books, audios, Bible studies—including individual pieces you would otherwise have to purchase one of our age-appropriate packages to get. Search this category for an eclectic assortment of our favorite teaching and learning aids.

  • Parenting & Homeschool Helps

    You don’t have to go it alone! Rick and Marilyn Boyer are here to share nearly forty years of parenting experience AND the lessons learned from home schooling their fourteen children since 1980. Stop worrying about being a perfect parent . Let Rick and Marilyn guide you as you guide your family. In these practical books, audio recordings and DVD’s you can find the tools you need to give you confidence in training up God’s champions.

  • Scripture Memory Resources

    Who says Scripture memorization can’t be fun? Here’s a collection of exciting, hands-on tools to make Bible memory a treat. You’ll find colorful flash cards, fascinating audio recordings and more—everything you need to help your child memorize Scripture with ease and enjoyment. Give your children the blessing of hiding God’s Word in their hearts—and having fun at the same time!

  • History For Patriots

    Books, audio books and story cd’s offer a fascinating and exciting view of America’s rich and colorful past. History shouldn’t be dry and boring! The truth is stranger and much more interesting than fiction. No American can afford to be ignorant of the miraculous hand of God in the making and preserving of this great nation. Take your child by the hand and dive into the marvelous adventure that is America!

  • Reading Books

    We are excited to bring you reading books you can trust. Suggested reading levels are given. It is so hard to find decent reading material for my kids and this is material I am delighted to have found and highly recommend for your kids too! Enjoy! Some of them are E-book format. You can either use an E-reader, read on the computer or print them out. We like to print and put in a notebook with page protectors to slip the pages into and then your child can have their own personal reading book.

  • E-Book Library

    Here’s a classic collection at your fingertips. Fiction or nonfiction, you’ll find something for every member of your family among these 100-plus ebooks. Thrill to the hair-raising frontier adventures of Davy Crockett or be inspired by Booker T. Washington’s meteoric rise from slave to college president. You’ll also find high-quality youth fiction here—great books written back when youth fiction was always designed to inspire great character. Click now and be lost in an exciting new world within minutes!

  • Downloadable Lists and Charts

    Here’s something very special and very popular with our customers! Lists and charts of age-appropriate chores, character qualities, themed Bible verses, Bible quiz questions and much more. Here are bunches of handy lists and charts that have been a blessing to the Boyer family for a long time. We know you’ll find them helpful at your house too.

  • Holiday

    There’s no more exciting time for your family than celebrating a holiday together! The Boyers have always loved a special occasion, whether celebrating the birth of our Saviour or the birth of America. Check out this section for some of the resources we’ve used to make special days even more special. Don’t let these sacred events just go by! Start building family memories that will be treasured for generations.

  • Character Study books

    If you’re using Character Concepts Level 3-8, you’re going to want extra workbooks. Most kids love having their very own workbook. They love to write their name in the front and march through the lessons from day to day, proudly watching their own progress from start to finish. Now you can work with multiple kids in each level, yet give each student an individualized study book to call his own. You save 15% on each additional workbook if you’ve already bought the age-level package it corresponds to.

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